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Blizzcon 2014: Opening Ceremony Highlights

The opening ceremony of Blizzcon is always chock full of surprises. The 2014 installment proved to be no different. The ceremony started with a thank you video from the top Warcraft developers on twenty years of dedicated fan support.

10805018_10152903644304642_1856619140_nPresident Mike Morhaime greeted the fans after. He opened his speech condemning the recent “terrible reputation” that the gaming community has been receiving over the past couple months. He then laid the groundwork for the major announcements.

Here are some quick highlights – with more in-depth coverage to come!

Warcraft Movie:
-The panel will feature the director, one of the lead actors, and the senior VP of Story.
-Sneak peek movie footage for fans of the convention
-Legendary Pictures launched Horde and Alliance movie websites. and

-World Championships of Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft Arena, and Hearthstone all happening this weekend.

Heroes of the Storm:
-New maps introduced from last year. -Thrall, Jaina, and Lost Vikings announced as playable
-Closed beta starts January 13th.

-Launching for Android in December.
-Goblins vs Gnomes expansion also in December.
-Annoyotron and explosive sheep cards shown as examples.

Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void:
-Trailer shown.
-Will be released as a standalone final chapter of the Starcraft trilogy.

Story VP Chris Metzen proclaims that it’s been 17 years since there’s been a new story in the Blizzard family. So…

-Blizzard’s Team Fortress by way of Pixar’s Incredibles.
-Demos available on the show floor.
-Beta coming 2015. Sign up at

Legendarium Media Contributor Lisa Bryan and Frank Occhiato at Blizzcon 2014
Legendarium Media Contributor Lisa Bryan and Frank Occhiato at Blizzcon 2014

Needless to say, it’s going to be an AMAZING 2015 for Blizzard. More to come from the floor all weekend here on Legendarium!

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