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ABC’s Once Upon a Time is Going to Get “Cruel”!

ABC’s Once Upon a Time is Going to Get “Cruel”!By David Glenn


Once Upon a Time has had a chilly fourth season with Elsa and the Snow Queen coming to Storybrooke. Although the storyline involving the sisters of Arendelle will be wrapped up by the end of this year Storybrooke isn’t going to be having time to relax. Not only is the town going to have to worry about Maleficent in the second half of the season, but another villain is coming: Cruella de Vil.

It is unknown how this fur-loving villainess will play into the events of the show, but producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have said they’ve wanted to bring Cruella on for some time. Rumors are circulating that she may somehow be connected to Emma. Maybe they ran into each other before Emma came to Storybrooke?


It was announced this week that Dracula alum Victoria Smurfit would be cast for the role. According to “she’s super excited to be coming on the show”. At any rate it looks like that Storybrooke is going to have its hands full for the second half of the season, and things won’t be getting any easier.

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