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“Stitched Crosses: Crusade” Launching Kickstarter SATURDAY with Live Q&A


From the official press release:
Tomorrow (November 1) marks the launch of the Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to complete needed revisions to Stitched Crosses: Crusade, The Audio Drama.

The author of the superhistorical series, Josh Radke (n.d.p. ‘Joshua Rothe’) will be available on Facebook in the early afternoon to answer questions about his story, Crusade, and the 12th century setting it takes place in, as well as about the craft of Story. Simply join the event page on Facebook and post your question(s) right on the main board. Josh will do his best to answer whatever questions he can.

At 4:00PM (EST), Josh will be guest at a special live Google+ event hosted by Eric Postma of Legendarium Media‘s Random Fandom video podcast. Eric will be looking over the questions from the Facebook event and may use some of them in the discussion. Some other members of the cast and crew may be dropping by as well!

Part of the discussion will be more details about the rewards, some of which have already been announced including digital versions of the novel the audio drama is based on, first access to Josh’s first fantasy novel and Shadow of the Stars: The Mark of Calling (co-written with his wife, K.M. Strid), which will be signed by both authors.


Other rewards still to be officially detailed will be a ‘special thanks’ mention in the end-credits, a hi-res download of the official production poster art suitable for printing, a ‘special Kickstarter edition’ of the physical novel — signed by Josh — with exclusive cover art depicting Markus’s myhtic family blade ‘Audacit’in Domino’, and of course digital and physical editions of the audio drama itself.

The launch is less than 24-hrs away! Josh and the whole Crusade team look forward to all support they receive to get the word out and help polish up this audio drama production, even as they prepare for the next exciting installments in the series, which will be going back to Roman Britain and then to King Arthur’s legendary kingdom of Logres!

Please stay connected to Legendarium Media for more updates as they come!


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