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The Road to the End ( A Lord of the Rings fan film)

It’s exciting to see so much great fan content out there and especially for great fantasy and science fiction worlds. The Hunt for Gollum and Born of Hope are great examples of fans  adding to the Middle-Earth mythos, making the content out there that much more rich and enjoyable. I came across another Lord of the Rings fan film by a group of young filmmakers who have formed their own production/film company called NLE (New Loyalty Entertainment). An indie film company, NLE has made a short film called The Road to the End, which was filmed in the Pacific Northwest. It’s about Frodo and Gollum’s last days before the destruction of the One Ring. You can watch it on YouTube and you can also watch their short, behind the scenes commentary on the film. Both videos are well worth it. They also made a film that started out as a fan film of The Matrix that blossomed into more original content. That short film is called Neural Executable Technology and you can find that film available on their website.

The Road to the End was filmed back in 2003 and released in 2012. It is just over 14 minutes and you can reach them on their YouTube channel, their website and on Facebook. In their own words about The Road to the End: “Here it is in it’s entirety, a Lord of the Rings fan film, The Road to the End. Shot in 2003 in the Pacific Northwest. Follow Frodo and Gollum as they explore and navigate through a vast wilderness and hide from the threats on the ground and in the air. Kick back and enjoy the show. It was a lot of fun putting this one together. I’ve used some new editing techniques both for visuals and sound which once again raises the bar for the next project. I hope you enjoy it and please, take a moment to share with your friends and “like” us on Facebook. Thank you for all the support!”

They are  looking for other collaborators to trade work with and build up their portfolio. To contact them go to their website.

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