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New film on C.S. Lewis Announced!


Released by Intrigue Films:

Intrigue Films is very pleased to announce that we have optioned the rights to the screenplay titled: LIONHEARTED: THE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY OF C. S. LEWIS, a new biopic about British author C.S Lewis.

Before C. S Lewis wrote his children’s literary masterpiece THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, his journey from Atheism to Christianity was defined by personal heartache during turbulent times.

“Most people don’t know that Lewis was an Atheist long before embracing his Faith in Christ. The point being that over half his life he thought Christianity was a myth…” remarks co-founder and producer of Intrigue Johnny Meier, “so what forces moved him to embrace his Faith so strongly that he became the premiere defender of Christianity in the 20th Century when for so long…he believed all was falsehood?”

The film will portray the life of Lewis in an accurate, entertaining and thoughtful manner with the sole purpose of allowing the audience into his world. “You’ll feel his pain and suffering and have a better appreciation for the Calling on his life…” says Dave Stone; “the fact that Lewis’ books are ALL still in print after 50 plus years indicates that his voice resonates even today.”

Co-writer Darren Scott Jacobs comments, “My co-writer, Louis Markos, and I have been working on this script for 5 years.  We’re thrilled to be working with Intrigue as they share our vision for the film: a man whose life was utterly changed for the better by embracing and coming to know and be known by Jesus Christ.”  Louis Markos, a Professor at Houston Baptist University and renowned C. S. Lewis Scholar replies, “Our intention has always been to stay true to the story.  We’ll explore Lewis’ experiences in trench warfare during WWI, where he was almost killed in battle, to his deep friendship with Creator of Middle Earth J. R. R. Tolkien; there is enough drama and beauty in his life to not have to embellish and create a false storyline – – it’s essential we remain true.”

“For Dave and me as co-founders of Intrigue, we’re always looking for stories which will embody the character of our mission statement: CHANGING CULTURE THROUGH FILM.  Darren and Lou’s script takes us back into a different place and time, but is so RELEVANT for cultural issues today concerning not only religion but the power of friendship and listening to ‘voices of the past’ to inform our present and shape our future. Sometimes through this use of displacement, we can see our own Times through a much clearer lens.  Lewis is probably the most revered Christian writer of our Age, especially his works such as MERE CHRISTIANITY which will be addressed in our film as Lewis speaks to his Nation during the Blitz of WWII.” says Meier.


Dave supports his business partner’s view: “The world has gone mad and there was chaos all around. Hope seems distant and fading fast. If this sounds familiar, it’s because our own world is in a crisis of epic proportions; this film will entertain the possibility of a better world.  We’re proud to all be working together as we know the potential within this storyline and how vast and devoted the Lewis audience truly is.”
Louis Markos concludes, “I’ve written biographies on both Lewis and Tolkien and teach classes about their lasting influence on literature and culture.  But now it’s time to access their lives through the medium of film.  Thank God for their friendship, obviously divinely appointed, because now we have both Narnia and Middle Earth to revisit again & again.”

Intrigue Films is currently entering the beginning stages of development of this wonderful property and will be keeping fans in the loop with additional news.  

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