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Forging the Sword of He-Man- Masters of the Universe


One of my favorite cartoons growing up was He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

To many, this was a typical cartoon of the 1980’s with its two dimensional character personalities and basic plots. To a young boy at the time, He-Man was a wonderful world of battle and technology…not to mention some of the best toys ever made!

The toys are what actually spawned the cartoon, much like most of the origins of cartoons from that time, but the He-Man toys were different. After the movie Conan the Barbarian was released starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, some toy executive thought it would make a great toy for children. Did this executive even see Conan? Far from a children’s movie, which the company agreed. The problem however…they had a warehouse full of Conan toys! What to do? Take your losses and move on or put them to another use. They then came up with the plan to create He-Man, a barbarian warrior. Just a quick fix on color, heads and details and – there you go! Why did you think they all had the same bodies?

So when I cam across the latest video from the web series Man at Arms, I was thrilled! The forging of He-Man’s sword! The following is the video.


Blacksmithing by Tony Swatton –
Directed by Andy Signore
Produced by Gabe Michael
Executive Producer Mitch Rotter

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