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Vikings Season 2 DVD/BluRay: Sailing into Stores

Hail Vikings fans!

Re-watch the highly successful season 2 of Vikings again! History has announced the release of Vikings Season 2 on DVD/Bluray will be October 7th in the USA and November 3rd in Europe.

Vikings Season 1 Recap

We see Ragnar and his family brother Rollo, wife Lagertha and his kids Bjorn and Gyda on the farm. We meet Floki the boat builder and his girlfriend Helga. The tyrant Earl Haraldson who is in a political fight with Ragnar over sailing West and his lovely wife Siggy. After finally raiding, Ragnar comes back with a captured Monk called Athelstan. After a duel with Earl Haraldson, Ragnar became Earl decides to continue to raid to the West. Ragnar’s wife, Lagertha, has a miscarriage.

There are some extras included on the DVD/Blu Ray including behind the scenes footage.

Viking Season 2 Recap

Raiding to the West continues. We see a Viking wedding. Surprising revelations about Floko surface, with a twist you don’t see coming!

Season 3 is set to premiere in March.

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