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Vikings season 3 close to end filming


After six months of filming. The Viking cast is now in the last two weeks shooting. after that it will be waiting for us until March. There will be one main character who is going to die we don’t know who yet. Rumours are gone wild about this especially because we missed three of the main characters at Comic-Con. Siggy, Athelsthan and Floki.

I haven’t figure it out yet. But I have my opinion for two of them. For Floki and Athelstan there is an explanation both in different ways. If you see the trailer it explains a lot of the mythology of Loki as Floki is the trickster for Vikings and often related to Loki. George Blagden play Athelstan and has taken the TV series role for Versailles and could have gone because of the time. So I leave in the middle who will die because it is just a suggestion. For Siggy I haven’t got a clue.

I cannot wait for it and I know all the fans of Vikings can’t. Please come soon season 3.

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