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Doctor Who Extra: Catching up with Season 8 Behind the Scenes Features

As of the time of this posting, we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the first five episodes of the Peter Capaldi era of Doctor Who: Deep Breath, Into The Dalek,  Robot of Sherwood, Listen, and Time Heist.  Thus far, Whovians seem to have mixed opinions on the 12th incarnation of our favorite Time Lord, which is no big surprise given the absolute truth of the following infographic:

The New Doctor Who Cycle

But regardless of how you feel about the Capaldi era thus far, one thing that we can all agree upon is that the production values and scope of the series thus far has been fantastic.  We’ve had some wonderful villains, some epic quests in the most unlikely of places, and some very creative new creatures of both the friendly and not-so-friendly variety.  It is going to be very interesting indeed to see where Steven Moffat and the rest of the Doctor Who team take Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor and Clara Oswald (and her charmingly aloof potential love interest) in the remaining episodes this season.

But, focusing on the five excellent episodes that have already been aired for a moment, I wish to draw your attention to a hidden gem of video content published weekly by the BBC.

“Doctor Who Extra” is a weekly video companion to that week’s regular episode of Doctor Who.  They typically tend to be around 10 minutes in length, and go into some fun detail about the shooting and production of that particular episode.  With interviews with the regular cast as well as guest stars, and inside looks at aspects of what goes into making Doctor Who that we may not otherwise ever be privy to, “Doctor Who Extra” is a must watch weekly video series for all Whovians.

So, without further ado, embedded below are the five episodes of “Doctor Who Extra” currently available for you to watch in chronological order.  Legendarium Media will be sure to keep you updated weekly with the newest episodes of “Doctor Who Extra” as well as any new teaser trailers and others news throughout the Whoniverse.



These videos are intended to be seen after you’ve watched the main episode.  

Doctor Who Extra: Season 8 Episode 1 – Deep Breath


Doctor Who Extra: Season 8 Episode 2 – Into the Dalek


Doctor Who Extra: Season 8 Episode 3 – Robot of Sherwood


Doctor Who Extra: Season 8 Episode 4 – Listen


Doctor Who Extra: Season 8 Episode 5- Time Heist


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