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One Vikings Saga to Rule Them All!


I was doing research for my portrait/review on Earl Haraldson and then I came across the Saint’s Saga of Olaf Haraldson. The longest and most completed one of that time.

I was looking for the answer to “did Earl Haraldson and Ragnar came across each other in that saga”. I couldn’t find any evidence. After a while I read the whole saga and I found something interesting information about the names of the main characters of History Channel’s Vikings. The only two names that I found in the sagas was Athelstan and Bjorn.

So if you want to know more about the supporting characters, you can find them by reading the actual saga. You can also refer to the chart I created below:

Season 1                             Season 2                             Season 3

Knut                                   Halfdan                               Kalf

Leif                                    Sigvard

Bjorn                                  Ivar

Arne                                   Horik





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  1. While Vikings certainly takes some liberties with history, it’s a rocking good time and a show that moves at a break-neck pace. My wife compared it to Game of Thrones, except much, much faster. She’s got a point. I don’t know how long the show’s going to run for, but I love that they use the real sagas as inspirations and touchstones.

  2. Hi, in what aspect does this series compare to GOT?
    I do like the theme but I do not crave for all the battles.