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"The Christmas Dragon" Kickstarter from Arrowstorm Entertainment is on NOW!

Arrowstorm Entertainment has announced DVD and Blu-ray pre-sales and exclusive rewards for the new Christmas fantasy epic, The Christmas Dragon.

A Kickstarter campaign is on that gives a sneak peek of the film’s content, including Christmas Elves, medieval action scenes, Goblins, and, of course, Dragons. For fans of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, there has never been a more fantastic Christmas epic.

“Families will love The Christmas Dragon… it’s a new Christmas classic,” says Arrowstorm executive Jason Faller. “We’re thrilled to be delivering it in time for Christmas 2014, a few weeks early so it can make a perfect Christmas gift for fans of all ages.”

The film tells the story of a group of orphans living in a fantasy medieval world, much like Middle Earth of The Lord of the Rings. It is a family-friendly story of good vs. evil, the children save a young dragon, which in turn helps them save Christmas. It features some excellent talent such as Adam Johnson (the Mythica series), Heather Beers (Charly), Talon G. Ackerman (Saints and Soldiers: The Void), Melanie Stone (Survivor), and Jake Stormoen (Cyborg X) with a screenplay by Shylah Addante.

The Christmas Dragon anticipates a limited release in theaters for this Christmas season, but families can ensure they will have it in their own home by supporting the Kickstarter campaign. There are several different reward packages available for different levels of support, including signed DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, posters, and even get your name in the credits of the movie itself.

The Christmas Dragon Kickstarter is set to raise $50,000 to enhance visual effects in the final phase of postproduction. Some rewards are limited in quantity, and all rewards are only available until September 24th, 2014.

You can support the Kickstarter here:

About Arrowstorm:
Arrowstorm Entertainment ( is a Utah-based production studio. They make sci-fi, action, and fantasy films, and believe that capturing the imagination of the audience is their key to success.

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