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Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere Tonight


Calling all Whovians! The wait is finally over. Tonight, season eight of Doctor Who will finally begin on the BBC with “Deep Breath.”  After much speculation and the fiasco with leaked episodes, we can view the episode with all of the polish that Moffat intended.

To visit details on the episode, visit the BBC site:

Reflections from those who have already seen the episode (which includes author Neil Gaiman) have been mostly positive. Many say that Capaldi is dark, brooding, and brilliant. This is in stark contrast to his predecessor, Matt Smith, who was known for his humor and whimsy. And if you expected some awkward, pseudo-romantic moments with his companions, Capaldi’s doctor has no entanglements this time. Some feel this will detract from the series, while others believe that it is an echo to some of the characteristics possessed by the original Doctor (but perhaps Capaldi has better hair…)

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What are your expectations of the new Doctor?  Please post in the comments.

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