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Chance Thomas, Composer for Riders Of Rohan

ChanceThomas_Conducting_2014Hello and well met, LOTRO players! Chance Thomas is a music composer whose most widely known work to date is the music for the Game Riders of Rohan. If you’ve heard it you will understand why gamers are calling for him to be invited once again to score for the LOTR game. It is truly wonderful and as some put it, soulful music. I’m not even a gamer and I love it. It definitely embodies Rohan culture. Not only that but he has created music for many high value entertainment properties and won awards for them over the years. Avatar, King Kong, The Hobbit and Star Wars, just to name a few.

A LOTRO player felt so passionately about the music he created for the game that this fan started a petition to bring chance back as composer  because of the high quality and expressiveness of his music.  So far, a few hundred players from all over the world have signed it. read the player comments and see for yourself . And  especially if you play LOTRO , you may want to support and sign the petition:

  • Matej Vojtko TRSTENá, SLOVAKIA

Because Chance Thomas is one of the few videogame composers that can create an unique, soulful sound. His score for Riders of Rohan isn’t just one of the best GAME scores I’ve heard in my life – it’s easily one of the best scores in general.

  • Sarah Hillaby BURNABY, CANADA

Chance Thomas’s music is beautiful and evocative. He had keen insight into the world of Middle Earth and you can tell. Please bring him back!


The music Chance has given to us has been an absolute gift. Climbing onto a war-steed for the first time gave me chills, and Chance’s contribution was a significant factor in that unforgettable moment. LotRO is a completely wonderful experience, that will lose a vital aspect and be less complete without him. Thank you for what you have given us, Chance.  Time to listen to the RoR themes again.


Without Chance Thomas, the game has lost his Soul. Thomas give the game his Voice and his emotions. We Need the Soul back!

  • Sakari Bister LAHTI, SUOMI, FINLAND

LOTRO is a great game. Change Thomas has made my world better with his music. It would be great to have him back!

  • David Whalen KINGSTON, WA

The music of Chance Thomas was vital to the early success of LOTRO, and each expansion that does not employ him diminishes the game. Immersion in Middle-earth has three parts: visuals, audio, and writing. Turbine is doing well enough with parts 1 and 3, but their in-house composer fails miserably at 2. Please bring Chance back!

  • Michael Adorni AUSTRALIA

Chance Thomas has given lotro a magical and epic feel. to have him back would be a dream come true

  • Bård Spein OSLO, NORWAY

Chance Thomas’ score is a quintessential part of what my time in LOTRO is all about.

  • Sean Erwin OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

There is something to be said about the power of music and what it can convey to the audience, whether that is actively or passively. Chance Thomas is a master of conveying emotion and passion to his audience through the power of music. So much so that, at the time of me writing this, 181 people from around the world have gathered on behalf one person they may or may not even know because they feel so strongly about his music and what it can bring to any game. Although it may seem to be one of the least prioritized components of a “commercially successful” game, Chance, 181 total strangers, and myself believe it to be one of the most important pieces to the puzzle.

That’s just a few of the people who would like to see Chance Thomas scoring for this game again. If you would like to see him brought back on board the LOTRO team, you can sign the petition as well. for more information on the composer you can read a previous Legendarium article by Bandoras here.

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