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Godzilla 2: Release Date and Possible Foes

Godzilla 2 Release Date and Possible Foes By David Glenn


One of the biggest movies of the summer has gotten the green light for a sequel, and the official release date has been confirmed to be June 8th, 2018. Be sure to mark your calendars for the event.

If you haven’t already heard Legendary has hinted at three possible monsters for the monster king to face when he returns, and all of them are classic Toho kaiju.The first is Mothra, the Earth-protecting butterfly kaiju. The second is Rodan, the prehistoric flying terror. The last is one of Godzilla’s biggest and deadliest enemies ever: King Ghidorah.

Gareth Edwards will return to direct this production after he’s finished up with Star Wars, and if all goes to plan this could lead up to a film featuring Monster Island as Gareth has expressed interest in using.

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