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Ales & Tales 5th Anniversary in LOTRO

Five years ago today I had an inkling to start a weekly gathering similar to the now famous meetings that C.S. Lewis, JRR Tolkien & their friends used to hold in the “Bird & Baby” in Oxford many years ago.  What was different about my concept is that we would actually be meeting in Middle-earth itself through the technological wizardry of Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO).   It was affectionately dubbed “Ales & Tales”; where it would be exactly that, a casual gathering of friends who wanted to share a fine ale, a song, story or poem and perhaps even a little Old Toby.  Today is the 5th anniversary of that first Ales & Tales and as many wonderful experiences I have had in LOTRO, I never imagined it would last this long, or be so special and loved by so many.

And as a special personal thank you to all & celebration of 5 years:

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Won’t you join the Lonely Mountain Band tonight as we celebrate half-a-decade of Ales & Tales? – John (Galenhir Swordsong)

(Thanks to Lilikate Buggins & LOTRO.WS for the image above)

5th Anniversary of Ales and Tails.

Server: Landroval

Time: 9.30pm-11.30pm

Location:  The Green Dragon Inn, Bywater. The Shire.

And feel free to gather before-hand for:

Nibbles and Nobs 

Server: Landroval

Time: 8.30pm-9.30pm

Location: The Green Dragon Inn, Bywater. The Shire.

And for a little LOTRO lore – here is the very first post from the LOTRO forums announcing Ales & Tales from 

Ales & Tales with The Lonely Mountain Band
(Mondays 9:30pm-to whenever… EST)

Announcing the new weekly gathering hosted by Lonely Mountain Band kinship open to all RP’ers on Landroval.

“Ales & Tales” provides the setting, you provide the story.

Every Monday night 9:30pm EST the LMB will gather at a different location in Middle Earth; pubs, inns and occasionally places of notable lore. The time together is devoted to simple celebration of music, fine ale, tales and more… The location will be announced at various times prior to the gathering on this thread. This gathering is open to non-members or those who wish to inquire about kin membership or meet other kinships who attend, or just hear a merry tune or tale. Anyone may volunteer to tell a tale, sing a song, recite a new poem, anything you wish to share with others in an RP setting. Feel free to strike up conversation with other adventurers, plan your next quest over a pint of mead! Think of it as a travelling pub, a place to meet new friends and share heroic tales. “Ales & Tales” is an open-ended RP gathering that provides a weekly setting for RP’ers of Landroval to gather and share the lore of Tolkien’s world, and find new friends to embark on quests. 

“Ales & Tales” provides the setting, you provide the story.

Please send any questions or thoughts to Galenswerd or Harperella.

Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo!

Far Apart, Never Alone!

Valaraen’s Ales & Tales Pictures:


Ales & Tales video created by Welby:

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