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Mass Effect: Commander Shepard Gets Dramatic

Fans of the Mass Effect series are surely excited for the much talked about (but only vaguely described) pending Mass Effect 4, but there’s one thing that has been made very clear- the newest installment won’t include our Hero, Commander Shepard.  This is, of course, disappointing.  After all, whoever becomes the new protagonist, they’ll never be better than Commander Shepard.

Or, at least that’s what the chorus from the popular Commander Shepard song from the group Miracle of Sound tells the viewer.

The song, catchy enough on it’s own, gets even better when given the dramatic treatment by Mark Meer, also known as Commander Shepard himself.

And then it’s compounded by yet another dramatic interpretation by Jennifer Hale, also known as Commander Shepard herself.

Now that I’ve revealed these fun videos to you all…. I should go.

Robyn Stone-Kraft


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