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Cryptic Studios Announces New Expansion for Star Trek Online

Cryptic Studios officially announced the latest expansion to the Star Trek Online Universe, Delta Rising. This expansion places the player in the Delta Quadrant and will introduce new species, new worlds, and allow players to level even further by raising the level cap.


First introduced at the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, Delta Rising takes place 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Voyager. In Cryptic’s effort to capture the essence of the series, they have Garret Wang set to reprise his role as Harry Kim in the game, adding him to the list of celebrities already lending their talents to the series.

With the expansion, as stated before, the level cap will increase from 50 to 60, the first raise in the cap in four years. This will also unlock a whole new tier of ships, gear and officers to help the players explore the new worlds in Delta Quadrant.

Check out the announcement video below from the panel at the convention, and let us know if you’re excited about this newest addition to the long-running MMO!

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