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Neverwinter Adds New Class, Announces ‘Tyranny of Dragons’

Arc Games-developed MMO, Neverwinter, continues it’s “Season of Dragons” with their upcoming update to the game: Tyranny of Dragons. With this update, Neverwinter will see multiple new additions to Faerûn, such as a new class as well as the nefarious cult of Dragons.


Introduced in a new trailer, the Scourge Warlock will make a welcome addition to any group, using dark forces from other realms to help their party. In addition to the new class, Neverwinter is also adding a new race. The Dragonborn will be a new playable race where those playing it can gain access to items exclusive to the Dragonborn, as well as the ability to customize their own stat bonuses.

Arc Games released a new trailer detailing all the new changes coming to the game. Check out the trailer below, and don’t forget to comment tell us what you think of this new addition into the famed D&D Universe!

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