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Harry Potter: The Wizarding World of Japan


Harry Potter fans are surely wishing for a Portkey or the ability to Apparate.  On July 15th, Universal Studios Japan opened their own version of the very successful Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and it promises to be just as popular as the Orlando location.  While the Japanese version doesn’t yet have a Diagon Alley expansion, it does have several additions that are missing in Orlando.

This location sports a Black Lake on the grounds, though it’s hard to tell if there is a colony of mermaids in the depths.  Also found in Hogsmeade is Gladrags Wizarding Wear, a quiet clothing shop which also showcases some popular outfits from the movies. Guests can also be charmed by live owls at the Owlery.  Guests are welcome to take pictures with the owls and ask questions of the handlers, but that doesn’t mean the owls will deliver a Hogwarts letter later- though the hope is always there!

For fans of Harry Potter, both Wizarding World locations are highly recommended.

Robyn Stone-Kraft


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