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World of Warcraft Movie Teased at SDCC

wowAs GeekExchange notes, “movies based on video have notoriously disappointed fans” (probably because Uwe Boll has always gotten a hold of a lot of them). And with years of begging and theorizing and hoping and praying built up for a World of Warcraft film, expectations have been smashed before. But now it looks like that hope is not as foolish as many were beginning to think.

Although the footage has not (yet) hit the Internet, GeekExchange gave a pretty detailed breakdown of what was seen at the convention, and looks to be a promising start to what could be an extremely lucrative film series for Legendary Pictures…if they don’t pull an Uwe Boll, that is.

The intriguing parallel between the two main champions of the opposing factions leads into an epic battle. There are many elements that will be easily recognized by fans of the Warcraft universe. We see a mage (played by Ben Foster) casting spells and Lothar (Fimmel) swoops down on an orc while riding a gryphon. The CGI is impressive despite the film being very early in post-production. The orcs, which are a combination of CGI and motion capture, are reminiscent of the orc characters seen in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft cinematics without being cartoonish.

Head on over there for full details!

Warcraft hits theaters on March 11, 2016. Until then, enjoy this photo of a couple of the props displayed at SDCC.


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