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Wonder Woman Poll: Who Wears it Better?

San Diego Comic Con has seen many previews this weekend. One such preview was the costume for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

There will be many who hate and love this new Wonder Woman costume and Gadot’s performance. That said, before we see her on the big screen, let’s look at others who have worn the warriors costume.

We have chosen four people who have worn the costume which ranges from cosplay, TV, film and independent film. Choose who YOU think “Wears it Better”.


1. (Cosplayer) Katie George 2.(TV) Linda Carter 3.(Movie) Gal Gadot 4.(Independent Film)Rileah Vanderbilt

WW Who Does it Better



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  1. I am not a super heroes kind of fan but Wonder Woman has always had a place in my heart. My recently deceased younger sister and I used to LOVE watching Lynda Carter beat the baddies on TV when we were kids. Those memories now seem all the more cherished. But, I was never a fan of the satin. Out of these four portrayals, I like (Independent Film)Rileah Vanderbilt best.

  2. I’ll go with Rileah. She’s the most buff of the 4 and has the best costume.

  3. Rileah Vanderbilt but would say hair in a pony tail like the dc online trailer shows

  4. I think we had a missed opportunity. I believe Rileah could’ve been a great Wonder Woman opposite Batfleck and Henry Cavill’s Superman. The cosplayer looks great and we probably wouldn’t even have Gal or Rileah’s costumed versions of Wonder Woman without Lynda. My votes goes to Rileah.

    Perhaps, Guggenheim and Kreisberg, can tap Miss Vanderbilt for Diana or Donna, in either Arrow or Flash.

  5. Jenifer Schwendiman

    Definitely Rileah! She rocked that costume. Gal isn’t bad, but Rileah made me want to see more Wonder Woman.