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SDCC 2014: New Star Wars Novel Announced!

swDave Filoni dropped a bombshell at the Star Wars Rebels panels earlier today: in summer 2015, Del Rey will be releasing a new novel centered on Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos!

When The Clone Wars series ended, Asajj’s fate was left up in the air as she turned away from all sides she had once been aligned to: the Jedi, the Sith, the Nightsisters. Quinlan Vos only appeared in one episode with no mention of him at all through the rest of the show’s run.


The novel will reportedly be based on unaired episodes for The Clone Wars, and will be penned by Christie Golden, author of several books in the Fate of the Jedi series. Oh, and if you’ll remember, Dave Filoni posted some sketches earlier this year for unaired TCW episodes, one of which shows Quinlan Vos and someone who looks an awful lot like Asajj.


Should I start stockpiling tissues now?

On a less professional note, YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED AND TERRIFIED I AM BY THIS NEWS!!! I actually messaged Del Rey Books not too long ago about the possibility of anything Asajj-centric coming out and they flat out said no. Now I hear this and am expected to just take it in stride? I think not, my good sirs! I think I’ll go run around the neighborhood to burn off some of this adrenaline!

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