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Vikings: "Story Round Up"


Vikings Fanhalla

Do you have Viking art, fan art and other artistic works? You can submit this Vikings themed art to History Channel’s “Fanhalla on Tumblr”.

There are some rules to it but all the artwork will be presented there. Both actors, cast and crew who are on Twitter or Facebook will Twitter or Facebook your piece of art. With this Fanhalla you will have eternal fame.

For submission:

By submitting material to the Vikings on HISTORY Tumblr Page, you
agree to the following:
• You must be a follower of Vikings on HISTORY on Tumblr to submit.
• We ask that all drawings, paintings, pictures, and all submissions are 100% original and made by YOU, and that you have the written permission of anyone else shown in your submissions.
• HISTORY has the right to approve or reject all submitted content.
• You grant HISTORY the non-exclusive, royalty-free right to use your submissions, your name, and your profile photo in connection with Vikings.
• Please be patient! Submissions must be approved before posting, which can take up to one week.
• Please, no profanity or lewd images in your submissions, and keep your content safe for all to enjoy.
• Content must not be inflammatory or derogatory to public figures, celebrities, religions, ethnic groups, other brands, or other television shows.
• Be respectful of other warriors and their creations!
• We have the right to remove your submissions from the page at our discretion, even if it has been posted.


Vikings Absent from Emmy Nominations

Did we miss something or do we have a totally different opinion then those who are in the jury of the Emmy’s nominations?

I was shocked when I heard the Emmy’s nominations for this year and my beloved Vikings didn’t get any nomination in the category of actors, actress and even not the writing staff. The only nomination the show received, was for special effects.

Vikings had a lot of categories they were in. and didn’t get what the fans wanted. A nomination in all categories. Travis Fimmel does a lot of acting without words amazing. Katheryn Winnick is stunning throughout the whole series, Clive Standen went from a warrior into a drunken Rollo and then get up again.
The writing team did an amazing job to get the show much better than last year. Still they don’t see the show who is back for a third time next year as an Emmy’s nominee. I didn’t I was all the way convinced that we would be nominated for all the categories we were in.

A strange idea we will raid again and next year we will beat them all. We will raid the Emmy’s nominations and we will win because we are the Vikings.

Tamara Bakx

Tamara Bakx

Tamara is a lover of science fiction in films and books. Her passion is writing Sci-Fi fan fiction. Tamara’s educational background consists of Communication Multimedia Design, Animation, Film and Acting.Tamara is a fan of Vikings, the TV series, Sherlock, and everything that has to with Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. See more of Tamara’s writing at

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  1. I love Vikings! I’m a fan since the first day I saw on my TV Vikings SOON back in 2013