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Doctor Who Scripts: Why You Shouldn’t Peek at the Leaked! *SPOILERS*


Next month comes the long-awaited return of Doctor Who to the BBC. For some hackers, however, the wait was simply too much. Just recently, five scripts, including the first episode Deep Breath, were leaked on the internet.  The BBC server in Miami was left “unsecured” when six scripts went missing and resurfaced on various illegal downloading sites. Once the security breech was discovered, the BBC begged fans to restrain themselves from reading and commenting on the scripts.  Just days later, a rough cut of Deep Breath, sans the special effects, was circulated around the internet. Fans immediately began watching the show and critiquing the new doctor as “darker” than the previous doctors David Tennant and Matt Smith. The BBC once again asked that fans wait just a few more weeks until the completed version launches on August 23. The suspected Miami server has been disabled and an investigation is underway.

Now, you may be tempted to view the scripts and inaugural episode to satisfy your curiosity, but here I will provide three reasons why you SHOULDN’T peek at the new scripts:

1. Because patience is a virtue. There is an old saying that “The best things come to those who wait.” That includes waiting the appropriate length of time for an award-winning science-fiction series.  There’s lots of cool stuff you can do during that wait. Go read a book. Play Dungeons and Dragons. Catch up on Firefly or Torchwood.  Learn to knit. Plant a garden. Whatever. You can wait.

2. Because you still need time to get over Matt Smith. Admit it, you still miss the fact that bowties and fezzes and cowboy hats are cool. Don’t you miss the way Matt Smith drives the Tardis, with that million-dollar smile and flagrant, dramatic arm he raises when he flips switches and turns dials? You still miss him. Your therapist knows it. Your Mom knows it. You know it. Did you see that picture of Matt Smith washing his Mom’s dishes?


Holy crap, it was the best thing ever. Not only is he a top notch actor, he is just an all-around swell guy. If the rumors about Peter Capaldi are true, the Doctor will be a much darker character. No more fish sticks and custard. Savor it while it lasts.

3. Because you need to watch it as the BBC intended.  Do you want steak or Spam? You can watch the crappy leaked version or you can watch the cool version in all of the glory Steven Moffat anticipated. I know, I know. You want to brag to all of your friends that you watched it and have all of the details first. You may get, what, maybe two cool points for that? Don’t spoil it my pretties. You know what River Song says. Watch the trailer and be satisfied!

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