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DragonCon: Anaria's Great Triumph


Anaria’s Great Triumph



Anaria, the Symphonic Metal Band out of New England, has been doing a lot since the last time I reported on them (which wasn’t that long ago, making it even more impressive!). Their cover of ‘I See Fire’ has hit over 200,000 views, they’ve recorded and uploaded a second video (an orchestral version of their song ‘Awaken’), and recorded a third video for their song ‘Into the Flood,’ which can be listened to on Spotify (and can be bought through iTunes). They’re doing a fantastic job of marketing themselves and expanding their fanbase, but perhaps it’s safe to say that their biggest coup has come in the form of a recently announced gig.

This year, Anaria is going to be playing at Dragon Con, the biggest convention out there for fantasy, sci-fi and game lovers. That’s right- along with Hobbits, Dwarves, writers, illustrators, voice actors and many more, Anaria will be performing. The convention, for those who don’t already have it on their calendar to attend, (or wish they were attending), is being held the weekend of August 29th to September 1st in Atlanta, Georgia.

So if you’re already heading down there to meet your favorites and enjoy the amazing cosplay that will surely make an appearance (Anaria’s lead singer, Jessica Mercy, is already planning her costumes), you should also make time to stop in and see this amazing band perform live.

In the meantime, support the band by visiting their website and following them on Facebook. You won’t be disappointed.


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