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A Linguist's Dream

A Linguist’s Dream


Based out of New York, two friends, Daniel Bogre Udell and Freddie Andrade, are compiling the first comprehensive compendium of the 7,000+ spoken languages in the world. They’re calling their project Wikitongues. Experts and linguists are calling their project brilliant.

Currently, they’re working on collecting languages spoken in Scotland, including more minor variants from different regions, and of course, Scots and Gaelic. For those who know anything about the Gaelic language, this will surely come as great news, as it is often believed that the language is dying out. While there are artists working to bring it back to the written word, a large scale project like Wikitongues promises to be will ensure that it gets broader recognition, as well as illustrating how the language is actually spoken. In short, this project will help preserve and possibly revive languages that are otherwise dying.

Udell and Andrade, who are trying to gain non-profit status for their project, are enthusiastic, passionate, and most importantly, giving each spoken language they collect equal footing.

It does beg the question, of course – do Klingon and Elvish count as spoken languages?


Robyn Stone-Kraft


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  1. Jason Alan - PHATE

    Holy massive undertaking, Batman. What a wonderful idea, though! And I’d have to imagine once they finish, it would be a TREMENDOUS resource for writers. Curious to check this out…..

  2. What a fantastic project!