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Hercules Actor, Kevin Sorbo, to Star in Sci-fi Mini Series?


From the official press release:

AMNESIA, an apocalyptic mini-series, set sometime in the near future, will be starring Kevin Sorbo, Al Snow, Martin Klebba, and Andrew Roth. The mini-series has been described as “LOST meets The Walking Dead (minus the zombies)”. The story is about a man who wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world with amnesia and desperately searches for the love of his life despite being pursued by a ruthless army. Allan puts the pieces together of his life through flashbacks while trying to stay one step ahead of ruthless army.

The mini-series is six episodes long with the hopes of being expanded into a full TV series. John Wayne Bosley, the creator of the series, along with the rest of the producers, are reaching out to audience to raise the initial money need for the Big Event scenes by launching an Indiegogo campaign on July 3rd. The producers are planning on pitching the mini-series to the SyFy Channel or equivalent channel once the Big Event scenes are finished.

“According to all of my research the entertainment is being driven more and more by audience demand,” Bosley stated. “That’s where the real value of Indiegogo and other crowdfunding sites rest. If people want to see this concept. If they want to see some of their favorite actors on TV again, like Kevin Sorbo, then they should back the project and send a strong and bold message to the TV networks to pick up this mini-series and to expand it into a full TV series. The power to demand what you want now rests in the hands of the fans.”.

The producers were thrilled when famed actor, Kevin Sorbo, read the script and agreed to join the cast. Sorbo is famous for the hit TV shows, Hercules and Andromeda, two TV shows that aired on the SyFy Channel. Al Snow is wrestler turned actor, most remembered for his time on ECW. Martin Klebba remembered best for his roles in all of The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Scrubs and The Cape. Andrew Roth’s most recently film he starred in, My Name Is Paul, just recently premiered at the The Cannes Film Festival.


The filmmakers want to offer unique backer rewards for their Indiegogo campaign. One of the rewards is an Name Hunt. They’ll hide the names of certain backers into the images of the Big Event scenes for the audience to search for. Another unique backer reward is the costumes that certain actors wore as their characters in those scenes.

Sunday, July 6th, 4:00Am PST: AMNESIA, the mini series, will launch a crowd-funding campaign at

To learn more about the campaign visit:

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  1. From the publicist of AMNESIA: The campaign went live today (Weds) It was originally set to launch Sunday, but had to be postponed until Weds 7/9 due to technical difficulties.