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“Arkham Manor” and “Gotham Academy” Coming This Fall

“Arkham Manor” and “Gotham Academy” Coming This Fall By A.D. Poole

Photo: DC Comics/Entertainment Weekly.
Photo: DC Comics/Entertainment Weekly.

Fans of the Batman mythos will soon be able to “explore new corners of the Dark Knight’s twisted universe” this fall, according to Entertainment Weekly. DC Comics will release two new comic series, “Arkham Manor” and “Gotham Academy,” each offering a unique experience and charting new territory.

“Arkham Manor” boasts a startling development in Batman’s world as Wayne Manor becomes the new home for Gotham’s criminally insane. Newsarama speculates that the ongoing “Batman Eternal” series may build up to this before “Arkham Manor” is released October 22.

In “Gotham Academy,” “things are a bit less bleak,” Entertainment Weekly reports. The series will be a teen drama set in “Gotham’s most prestigious prep school” and will feature brand new characters along with appearances from more familiar Gotham icons. The first issue of “Gotham Academy” will release October 1.

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