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High Culture Graffiti


High Culture Graffiti


There’s no way I’m the only one who sees an obscene word or symbol spray painted on the side of a building or an overpass and rolls my eyes, wondering what the point of defacing public spaces is. Of course, that’s the basic stuff, the lower order of graffiti. There are true artists with a spray can out there as well, and sometimes we see a bright and interesting mural painted on the side of a comic book shop, or a line that makes us pause and think.

Buzzfeed put together one of their infamous lists that’s making the rounds, this time of literary graffiti. Some seem strange subjects to be spray painted on a wall, but others, well, other are perfect. I think Number 18 is especially fitting, given the medium. Give them a look. It might make you reconsider how you think about graffiti.


Robyn Stone-Kraft


Robyn was a fan of fantasy before she was aware there were even other entertainment options. She’s been a writer just as long as she’s been a fantasy fan. In D&D she plays Wizard, she was sorted into Slytherin, she supports House Lannister, flirts with Garrus Vakarian, supports the Imperial Empire, and she has a favorite Doctor. She also has more degrees in Literature than most people tend to consider a good life choice, has somehow managed to get some of her poetry published, and gets to fail college students who decide they don’t have to turn in their assignments. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband, four cats, and huge personal library.

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