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Star Wars Episode VII Rumor Roundup 6-28-14

swcardYep! The rumors are still flying about the next installment of the epic space opera (and probably won’t stop until the credits roll on premiere night). Let’s take a look at three major ones that have been circulating this week:

1. Tom Cruise will make a cameo appearance.


This rumor came about after a “source” revealed that Cruise and Abrams have been meeting up for the past week in London along with other Star Wars crew members. Of course, Cruise’s spokesperson has already gone on the record stating that the rumor is “pure fiction”. Given that a “source” told the tidbit to The Sun, a UK tabloid, it’s pretty safe to say that the actor will most certainly not be showing up with a lightsaber or an X-wing come premiere night (and the world heaves a collective sigh of relief).

2. Mandalorians and Nightsisters will be making an appearance.


Given the hoopla about Lupita Nyong’o possibly signing on for the role of Asajj Ventress a few months back (still unconfirmed, by the way) and the general love for the Mandalorians, this rumor was bound to come up sooner or later. However, there is a pretty big hole in this theory: both the Mandalorians (that is, the warriors since Mandalore became a peaceful planet during the Clone War thanks to hippies) and the Nightsisters (at least, the ones we’ve seen in The Clone Wars series) are pretty much wiped out. Now, it IS plausible that a band of Mandalorians may have teamed up and will go about irritating Luke, Leia, Han, and whoever calls themselves ‘Jedi’. But to have at least two major antagonists in the same movie without some serious backstory and development is a bit of a stretch. Of course, this is J.J. Abrams we’re talking about…


3. Due to Harrison Ford’s broken leg, the release date will be pushed back from December 2015.


As Ford himself joked, he can save the galaxy from unspeakable evil, but is easily taken out by a door: a piece of the Millennium Falcon fell on him. While we all wish him only the best and a speedy recovery (broken legs are not at all fun), some have taken the accident to mean bad news for Episode VII. Rumors have sprung up suggesting that since filming is already behind with Ford out of commission until he completes rehab, the premiere date will be significantly delayed. However, LucasFilm told TheForce.Net, “There is no change in the release date.”

And that’s your Star Wars Rumor Roundup!

About Reporter Michelle Lawhorn:
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  1. Jason Alan - PHATE

    Pleeease may Harrison’s leg not diminish his involvement with episode 7… 🙁 i want my original old star wars peeps kicking ass in da movie.