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J.K. Rowling Writes Again (Sorta)

J.K. Rowling Writes Again (Sorta)


The bad news is that the Harry Potter series is over and done with. Harry’s adventures are finished and he’s now settled down to a quiet life as an Auror and family man. The good news is that his creator has continued to do what writers do- which is write.

Her third post/non-Harry related book has recently been released, called The Silkworm. It’s the sequel to The Cuckoo’s Calling, and both are released under the pen name of Robert Galbraith. Some might remember that Cuckoo’s Calling was released before her true identity was known and it received good reviews. Then, of course, everyone figured out who had written it and it really found success. It looks like the sequel, authorial identity already revealed, is poised to do well too.

The book is a mystery, featuring detective Cormoran Strike, and the book description is engaging (from the official page at the Hachette Book Group) :

When novelist Owen Quine goes missing, his wife calls in private detective Cormoran Strike. At first, Mrs. Quine just thinks her husband has gone off by himself for a few days–as he has done before–and she wants Strike to find him and bring him home.


But as Strike investigates, it becomes clear that there is more to Quine’s disappearance than his wife realizes. The novelist has just completed a manuscript featuring poisonous pen-portraits of almost everyone he knows. If the novel were to be published, it would ruin lives–meaning that there are a lot of people who might want him silenced.


When Quine is found brutally murdered under bizarre circumstances, it becomes a race against time to understand the motivation of a ruthless killer, a killer unlike any Strike has encountered before…


These books aren’t her first return to fiction since Harry Potter wrapped up, that being The Casual Vacancy (2013), but they are shaping up to make her second successful series.


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