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Magical Good News from Harry Potter



Magical Good News

Let’s be honest here- despite all the other amazing things happening for the Harry Potter fandom (a new official movie, fan movies, online Hogwarts courses, etc.) the big news, the really, really, really big news – is Diagon Alley. Yes, the new expansion to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal Studios resort. Best of all, it’s coming soon.

For those of us who thought that Hogsmeade was great (and it is!) but wished for more, our wishes have been granted, and the general public will finally get access to all the amazing sights and sounds that have been hinted at for months. There will be Gringott’s, complete with goblins, interactive displays where those who have the necessary equipment (a wand) can actually cast spells, and a ride on the Hogwarts Express to go between the two parks, as well as a bevy of new shops and eateries. Those lucky enough to have gotten an advance screening are enthusiastic and say it’s even better than the first park. Yes, even better than actually going through Hogwarts itself! The only real drawback to the new park is that you will have to get admission to both parks contained in the Universal Studios resorts. Truly though, while not cheap, I’d say the cost would be worth it, just for the experience of “actually” going from London to Hogsmeade.

The park will open to the general public on July 8th. From everything I’ve seen, I think it’s safe to say that if you manage to go, you will be totally amazed!


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