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MYTHMOOT III Open for Registration & a Free Song!

Hail friends!  If you missed Mythmoot I or Mythmoot II, you definitely DO NOT want to miss Mythmoot III, “Ever On…”, January 10 & 11, 2015 in Baltimore, MD.

Mythmoot III Banner

“It’s an academic conference!”
“No, it’s a Tolkien party!”
Stop! You’re both right!

While many details are still being worked out, there surely lie many treasures and surprises in store for expert treasure hunters in Middle-earth.  Mythmoot is the annual gathering of the Mythgard Institute.  To give you a very brief example of the fun chance-meeting that can happen in Mythgard, we have posted a treasured and nearly lost recording of Tolkien artists Jef Murray, Ted Nasmith and Lonely Mountaineering Minstrel; John Di Bartolo singing “The King Beneath The Mountains” into a cell-phone recorder.  Yes a cell phone.


Tinfang, Daeron & Maglor?  No just Jef, John & Ted...
Tinfang, Daeron & Maglor? No just Jef, John & Ted…


The recording is a free stream and a free download hosted on – simply enter 0 for the amount and the file download will be free of charge.  Of course if you would like to help pay for a poor minstrel’s ale – there is that option as well.

We hope you enjoy the impromptu and unrehearsed performance, and we hope to see you at Mythmoot III.  Register NOW by going here:

Click the image below to hear the song:



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