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Summer School for Nerds

Summer School for Nerds


It takes a special kind of person to look at a summer vacation (or merely the summer months on a calendar) and think, “You know what this needs? More school.” But let’s be honest, for those of us who love learning for the sake of learning, a free online course dedicated to the things we love most (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars) sounds like a pretty good way to spend an evening. And now you can.

The American Public University (with the Policy Studies Organization)  is running a free online course called“International Politics in this World and Beyond: Wizards, Fiction and Political Fact in a Global Age.” As per the course overview, the class will cover the above mentioned works, as well as linking these works of fiction to globalization and technology, politics and policies, discrimination and the global war on terror, among other important and relevant topics. The course lasts eight weeks, begins on June 23rd and is completely free. You’re even welcome to enroll in the University (not free, however) and use the course for credit later, if you feel so inclined.

The syllabus is detailed and intensive. This is a college level course. If your brain is feeling a bit dusty, this would be a good workout for it. All you need is time, passion, and an internet connection. Register today!


Robyn Stone-Kraft


Robyn was a fan of fantasy before she was aware there were even other entertainment options. She’s been a writer just as long as she’s been a fantasy fan. In D&D she plays Wizard, she was sorted into Slytherin, she supports House Lannister, flirts with Garrus Vakarian, supports the Imperial Empire, and she has a favorite Doctor. She also has more degrees in Literature than most people tend to consider a good life choice, has somehow managed to get some of her poetry published, and gets to fail college students who decide they don’t have to turn in their assignments. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband, four cats, and huge personal library.

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