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A Glimpse of James Potter: For Father's Day


A Glimpse of James Potter: For Father’s Day

In 2008, J.K. Rowling wrote a short, short glimpse of the life of James Potter and Sirius Black. The piece was published online by the UK bookstore, Waterstone’s (and can be seen written in her own hand) and is set three years before the birth of Harry.  It was written for charity and sold for $50,000.

Sirius and James are clearly up to some of the wild tricks fans expect of them, though the confused Muggle police officers they encounter don’t know what to make of these two reckless youths and their motorcycle, which may or may not defy the laws of physics. From reading, it’s pretty clear that the war against Voldemort is on, but that doesn’t stop the boys from being wild kids. It does make one wonder what Lily thought of all of this, however!

Sadly, it isn’t part of anything larger, and was never meant to become more than it is. Still, if you haven’t found it yet, it’s new Potter writing out there by the original author, and it’s perfect for Father’s Day. Ginny can just hope that Harry takes a more sedate approach to life!

Robyn Stone-Kraft


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