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Vikings: The Season Finale


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This Sunday was the season 2 finale of Vikings.

I am going to miss it, can’t wait for season 3 to arrive. They started shooting season 3 on the 30th of May after one week of preparation. In the preparation we saw new clothes, horse riding and new jewellery even I saw and heard things There is a new cast member. There where Emmy q and a’s with Rollo, Ragnar and Lagertha they made clear that they couldn’t resist it to get spoilers to the audience. Even the writer/creator of Vikings Michael Hirst couldn’t. I will try to get as many spoiler free information about the season. Everyone who wants to know more or want to be spoiled then use Twitter or Facebook and follow the actors and cast.

What I liked about the season 2 is that every main character has its own problem. The fighting scenes are shot from person to person. The way they used silent language between unspoken rules between Floki, Bjorn, Siggi and Ragnar. Ragnar sees almost everything but did he expect to have such a though component in King Eckbert? The mythology woven in every single episode told by each and every one is fantastic to know. The best part of season 2 are the first episode, the double wedding and the last episode.

If you want to follow the main characters this is their Twitter/Facebook account where I know of.


Season 1

Rollo/Clive Standen: @CliveStanden and

Young Bjorn/ Nathan O’Toole: @NathanOToole98

Lagertha/Katheryn Winnick: @KatherynWinnick

Helga/Maud Hirst:@maudehirst

Siggi/Jessalyn Gilsig: @JessalynGilsig

Athelstan/George Blagden: @gblagden

Auslaug/Alyssa Sutherland: @TheRealAlyssaS

King Horik/Donal Logue: @donallogue

Jarl Borg/ThorbjØrn Harr: @herrharr

Season 2

Bjorn/Alexander Ludwig: @AlexanderLudwig and

Porunn/Gaia Weiss: @gaiaweiss_

Torvi/Georgia Hirst: @gee_hirst

Thyri/Elinor Crawley: @elinor_crawley

King Ealla/Ivan Kaye: @IvanKaye1

Aethelwulf/Moe Dunford: @MoeDunford

Princess Kwenthrith/Amy Bailey: @amybaileytweets

Season 3

Kalf/Ben Robson: @RobboBen


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