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The Harry Potter (Alliance) and the Apparating Library


The folks over at the Harry Potter Alliance must be real wizards, because when they held their wands out and shouted “Accio Books!” over 50,000 books flew in to Michigan. One simple summoning charm, one huge response, one brand new library for the Brightmoor Community Center in Detroit.

The Harry Potter Alliance is a group of fans who try to make the world of Harry Potter more real by living up to the ideals of the heroes in their favorite books. They support equal rights, equal pay, general kindness, love, and, of course, literacy. The yearly book drive, Accio Books, started in 2009, and has been providing books to disadvantaged communities in larger and larger numbers every year. There are chapters of the group all over the world, and individuals who wish to participate can find a local chapter, start one of their own, or just follow the group and help spread the word.

This year, they managed to collect 53,009 books, many of which were donated in the name of Ravenclaw house, who won the House Cup (points are awarded per book donated) this year. Next year, I know I’m planning to send in a lot of books. I think it’s time for Slytherin to take the cup for once!

a raven claw3

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter and of social activism, this is the perfect group to get involved with. Follow them on Facebook   to see what you can do to help – for Harry, for Dumbledore, for everyone.


Robyn Stone-Kraft


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