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Dutch Vikings: My Journey to Discover More


A couple of days ago I decided to go and seek an adventure in getting to know the Vikings a bit more in The Netherlands. There were two events this weekend which involved Vikings. So the adventure started at the remains of Castle Teylingen. Although I set sail to this event there were lots of cancellations in activities which I would like to do. I went with the idea to know more about Vikings. Was I wrong to think before I actually was there! After an hour or so I had seen the Viking time and didn’t had the information I wanted. Although It isn’t very hard to find with Google I wanted to know how the houses and the Vikings looked like.

I went to the next event at Archeon. Archeon is an Historical museum who is specialized in the history of Vikings till the middle ages. There was a special event on Vikings on Sunday so I went to check it out. I loved the way they did this. I even was surprised to see how the museum look liked and I could imagine on how it looked like. I even could see a bit of Kattegat in there and when the priests came around it almost felt like the set of Vikings although I have never been there.

The ruins of Teylingen
The ruins of Teylingen

When I step into a fisherman’s house, I imagined that it could be like Floki’s house. There was a small house with a fireplace in the middle that was the mini great hall.

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