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Game of Thrones Shocks Again!

Game of Thrones Shocks Again
by Andrea R. Cooper

I have just finished watching the latest episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones – The Viper and the Mountain. It shows many developments as well as holds up George R.R. Martin’s love of shocking his audience.

*Spoiler Alert* – this article contains spoiler information

The duel between the Viper, Oberyn Martell, faces off against the Mountain, Ser Gegor Clegane to prove Tyrion Lannister’s guilt or innocence in King Joffery’s poisoning. If Oberyn wins, Tyrion is innocent. If the Mountain wins, then Tyrion is guilty.


Oberyn is a skilled and quick warrior. The Mountain just seems to be bigger and stronger than anyone else, but doesn’t move like he has the dexterity as his competitor. When these two fight, Oberyn is clearly the better. The Mountain is severely injured and close to dying—so much so that Oberyn removes his weapon because he wants him to confess he raped his sister and killed her children—and wants him to say who gave him the order.

Then Martin does something unexpected in having Oberyn knocked to the ground and all of the sudden the Mountain knocks his teeth out and then crushes his head. I can understand Oberyn falling, but the Mountain with injuries doesn’t seem like he could move that quickly. Oberyn has fought many opponents as is evident of his skill. A mere fall would not put him in a position of his death—and yet it did.

Ok, so we know Martin loves to kill off characters and shock everyone. Done. But can’t we for once have an ending to a bad character and be able to cheer? Instead of being outraged?

Maybe I’m too nice to my characters, but I would have had Oberyon recover quickly, make the Mountain confess, then Oberyon hurl the spear into Tywin Lannister, but not have it kill him, just gravely injure.

I do have another issue with this duel. Neither man won. Both died. So wouldn’t that render a draw for Tyrion Lannister rather than automatic guilt?
Tyrion is a favorite character of many and one of mine. I do hope that Marin spares him somehow.

Then there is Theon posing as himself (which is unclear with his torture if he knows he really is Theon or believes what Ramsay has told him that he is Reek?) helps seize Moat Cailin for Ramsay. As a Greyjoy, will he ever recover himself and make amends for his past? I didn’t like his character, but now after all he’s been through, I dislike Ramsay even more and would like to see his comeuppance.

One of the biggest surprises, and has been debated by many already, is that of the transformation of Sansa Stark. Throughout the show, she has been whiny, crying, and letting circumstances and people control her.


Now, she fabricates the reason for her aunt’s death in order to save Lord Baelish. When he confronts her as to why, there is a look shared between them when she says, “I know what you want.” Later, shed is her usual conservative garb, and she wears a low cut dress with a line of dark feathers on the shoulders and a necklace between her breasts. She glances at Baelish as though they have an understanding—or maybe even something more intimate between them.
Some speculate that she has come into her own power, which I agree with, but is also going to manipulate Baelish. However, Baelish has been controlling people and circumstances for years, including a brothel of women, I doubt she would be able to seduce him with mere words.

I wonder if there is another meaning to her transformation, not only of coming into her own, but transforming from a girl into a woman.

Andrea R. Cooper – is a freelance writer and published author. She writes fantasy, paranormal and historical romance. You may find more about her and her novels at

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  1. Interesting – but I must confess I am that one person on the planet who doesn’t watch GoT.
    You know that dude you have on the right of your blog – the one with the broken horn – that’s one scary looking dude!!!