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Doctor Who World Tour Announced!


Allons-y! With the launch of the Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in July, the BBC has announced a world tour to promote the new season. The tour will include Capaldi, companion Jenna Coleman, and writer Steven Moffat (not confirmed for all dates due to scheduling conflicts). The tour will cover seven cities across five continents in twelve days, beginning in Cardiff on August 7.

American fans will have a chance to meet the trio (if Moffat’s schedule permits) in New York City on August 14th!

Doctor Who TV has posted this touring schedule for adoring fans across the globe:

  • Cardiff, UK
    The tour kicks off in Cardiff, the home of Doctor Who since its 2005 revival, and also the location of a notorious rift in space and time.
  • London, UK
    Capital city of the United Kingdom, and the location of the very first Doctor Who adventure — not to mention Clara’s workplace, Coal Hill School.
  • Seoul, South Korea
    A nation not (yet) visited by the Doctor on-screen will get to see him in real life! In 2009, South Korea named Doctor Who as the Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year, and last year joined in the record-breaking global simulcast of The Day of the Doctor.
  • Sydney, Australia
    The birthplace of companion Tegan Jovanka and theme composer Ron Grainer, the new Doctor will visit Australia’s largest city on The World Tour.
  • New York, USA
    Yes, yes. We know. The Doctor can’t land in New York anymore. Not after that sad business with the Ponds. But a little temporal instability isn’t going to stop Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman from meeting American Doctor Who fans!
  • Mexico City, Mexico
    Originally called Doctor Misterio when transmitted there in the 1960s and 70s (watch a fantastic archive clip here), Mexicans have been enjoying the adventures of the Doctor ever since.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Having been so welcoming to series writer Mark Gatiss recently, Doctor Who will be returning to Brazil this summer.


The new season of Doctor Who premieres on the BBC in July.

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