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Star Wars News Roundup 6-8-2014


A lot of really cool Star Wars news has hit the Internet in the past couple of days!

First up, Billy Dee Williams officially confirmed his involvement with Star Wars Rebels, due out on Disney XD this fall, on The WolfPack Podcast.

“Billy Dee Williams confirms involvement in Stars Wars Rebels!… he said he was enjoying working on SW: Rebels which [James Arnold Taylor] then confirmed.”

Next, a second director for one of the confirmed spin-off films has been announced: Josh Trank, director of Chronicle and the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Like Gareth Edwards, it’s not clear which character Trank’s movie will focus on, but it will be released after Edwards’ film, most likely in 2018 after Episode VIII.

And finally, Mark Hamill has been enjoying his very first Star Wars Weekend in California!


Check out his message to the fans and his response to one fan’s question resulting in something simultaneously hilarious and terrifying. Enjoy!

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  1. Jason Alan - PHATE

    I visited Disney in Florida this past weekend, was there for Mark Hamill’s conversation. The guy is seriously nice, genuine, and appreciative of all the things star wars has given him. He joked about how its been 6 weeks and his beard has barely grown in. He did some fantastic impersonations of Harrison Ford. “I didn’t get into the acting business to appear on a cereal box, kid.” Great stuff, he looks good, great guy.