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What If: Harry Potter Had Been Forced to Try Dating

What If: Harry Potter Had Been Forced to Try Dating by Robyn Stone-Kraft

Life was never easy for Harry Potter, exactly, but one thing he largely managed to escape was the nightmare of searching for the right person to spend his life with. Other than his rather awkward encounters with Cho Chang, Harry dated very little before finding the woman he was meant to spend his life with (a matter open for debate among fans, but his marriage to Ginny is the official story line). Beyond a little bit of ‘I have to break up with you to protect you,’ the course of his true love did run smooth.

And yet, when watching the preview for his upcoming romantic comedy, What If, it’s hard not to see Daniel Radcliffe blundering through his odd friendship/love affair in much the same way as Harry did when pursuing Cho, and it’s adorable and endearing, and Harry at his most likeable, because it’s something we’ve all gone through in one way or another. It’s less about being the Chosen One and more about being a human being looking for a real connection with another human being.

The movie premise is that Wallace, a med school dropout (rather than Wizarding school, which is technically true of Harry!) meets Chantry and falls instantly for her… only to find out she already has a boyfriend. They become close friends and, as the movie description says, “What if the love of your life is actually your best friend?” This movie may give some quirked eyebrows to the Harry/Hermione shippers out there.

Radcliffe says that this romantic comedy is more funny and romantic than most of what’s out there, the relationship being based around real friendship and compatibility, rather than just sexual attraction. And if Harry Potter wants us to watch a movie about love, something he knows a great deal about, in all forms, then who are we to argue? The movie is set to release August 1st. Be sure to check it out!

Robyn Stone-Kraft


Robyn was a fan of fantasy before she was aware there were even other entertainment options. She’s been a writer just as long as she’s been a fantasy fan. In D&D she plays Wizard, she was sorted into Slytherin, she supports House Lannister, flirts with Garrus Vakarian, supports the Imperial Empire, and she has a favorite Doctor. She also has more degrees in Literature than most people tend to consider a good life choice, has somehow managed to get some of her poetry published, and gets to fail college students who decide they don’t have to turn in their assignments. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband, four cats, and huge personal library.

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