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Indian Epic Mythology Table Top RPG to be Launched Soon

Indian Epic Mythology Table Top RPG to be Launched Soon – Report by Juhi Mendiratta


If fantasy is the name of your game, and you’re constantly looking for something new to play, then news of the latest “Dungeons & Dragons” style game based on Hindu Mythology will definitely brighten your day.

Titled ‘Maha Yodha’, this Fantasy table top war game uses famous heroes and Gods from Hindu epics to build two opposing factions, Asuras and Adityas. Additional cards award bonuses as two players go head to head to defend themselves and simultaneously destroy the other.

Bringing together artists involved in Magic: The Gathering, and traditional Indian artists, the cards combine beautiful digital art alongside hand drawn paintings making the game a feast for the eyes.

Already fully funded on Kickstarter, the game is scheduled for release in October 2014.

Juhi “Calyptra” Mendiratta
Juhi “Calyptra” Mendiratta is the quintessential geek you can spot in a crowd because of the openness and enthusiasm with which she flaunts her love for all things fantasy and sci-fi. Currently preparing to pursue a PhD in International Relations on a government scholarship in South Korea, in her spare time she likes to research Asian mythology, talk to stray cats and dogs, chatter nineteen to the dozen, read epic style novels and write short stories of her own. When not indulging in writing tales of horror and whimsy she can be found knocking on the backs of wardrobes and looking for doorways to other dimensions in every nook and cranny. Her personal chronicles can be read at: .

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