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Vikings: A Clive Standen Q&A

History Channel

Clive Standen who plays Rollo in Vikings took part in an online Q&A. The Q&A was planned to coincide with the airing of the first season and second episode in the UK. I was able to ask him a few questions which he did answer! He did gave me some information to look up and now I know even more about the myth he liked!


Here are the questions I asked that he answered

Which other character would you like to play?
Clive: “I’m happy with Rollo but I can’t wait to see where Michael takes the character of “Ivar the boneless”


Have you ever been in The Netherlands?
Clive: “I have…I did a theatre tour of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein in 2003 to Eindhoven, Utrecht,Gouda,Amsterdam and Rotterdam.loved it”


Which myth do you like most about the Vikings?
Clive: “look up the viking myth of how the phrase “cut your nose off to spite your face” was formed … #Gruesome

Taking some time from the Q&A, I looked up the gruesome quote that Clive cited. This is what I found.

There is a story that when the Vikings were raiding a Monastery, to avoid being assaulted (as was common with the Viking attacks), the Nuns cut off their own noses in order to make themselves unappealing, and thus, save their virginity. You can learn more at the following LINK.



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