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Vikings Episode 6: The Recap (WITH SPOILERS)

Today I want to talk about Vikings Episode 6. (WITH SPOILERS)

What I like about this episode is the on forehand complots they silently agree on… I will explain later what I mean with this. In this episodes the stories talk a couple of times about revenge, love (dis)loyalty, the game of war and knowledge.



King Horik, Ragnar and Rollo seek revenge for different reasons. They want revenge both on Jarl Borg and King Ecbert. Lagertha on her husband. Ragnar because Jarl Borg put his family in danger. Rollo because he hate Jarl Borg although he fought at his side. King Horik because he dislikes him and his tricks.


The difference between the knowledge of art is also explained. In language there is more distance between the Vikings and Britain at that time. In Britain they already wrote and painted in the Viking world it were carvings and runes. Better known as the Anglo Saxon Futhorc.


In this episode they tell us that Rome’s attacks on Britain where good for the knowledge but when we decided to keep the Christian faith a lot of things got lost. Unfortunately we lost lots of knowledge when we did this. The faith of the Vikings in the gods is much older than the Christian faith. That said you could say that the believes in gods have similarities to our Christian faith explained in this Vikings episode.

Auslaug tells a story about Logi and Loki that I tried to find on the internet. Unfortunately this is not anywhere to find. Loki was also known as Logi. Although they took this story I liked the way it is told. 

On forehand conspiracy they silently agree on

Rollo and Floki are allowed to get Jarl Borg and punish him to beat him up and bring him to the great hall. Ragnar tell his faith he will draw the Blood Eagle on Jarl Borg. Thorsten, Rollo and Floki kill the army of Jarl Borg by putting the shed on fire.


The game of war

They did a game of war in this episode a war mind game. If Jarl Borg knew why Rollo did came to get him to go to Kattegat he wouldn’t came. Jarl Borg asked Rollo if Ragnar seeks revenge but Rollo tricked him to say that Ragnar is different than he is. With this he mind gamed Jarl Borg. If Rollo didn’t tell the people in the shed to be quit they did. Then he decided to burn the shed down with the people in it.

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