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Smaug: Unleashing the Dragon Art Book


I just received my copy of Smaug:Unleashing the Dragon!

The “Mythical” Dragon has been growing in popularity more in recent times. The book shows us how they created Smaug and how film, drawing, book and myth come together by computer animation.

The fire breathing dragon Smaug looked very different at first then the one we meet in the film. The one we meet in the film is fierce and sound like thunder and isn’t the one you would like two meet in real life.

If you see the first drawings of Smaug it had a snake head and it looked like the Loch Ness Monster. Through development, we get the shapes of a dragon we are more familiar with, especially when you see how they played with light.

As the new “King under the Mountain”, Smaug is scary and loves to kill by fire breathing. He hates everyone who comes into the mountain. The treasure is his and he earned it by killing!

What I like about art books is the explanation on how they choose to make a creature like that and how they make the whole dragon work. It explains a lot why they choose to do it like that and how the result will be afterwards.

Benedict Cumberbatch was a perfect choice for the voice of Smaug. He not only created the voice, but the creative movements of the beast as well. Cumberbatch was hooked up to motion capture devices as he became the evil dragon.

The textures they made to create Smaug are wonderful and very detailed. Even if he breathe fire the texture changed. There is even an explanation if you could fight with fire against this dragon. It is a great book if you like to know how things get created this time Smaug.

Weta Workshop announced a new art book about Cloaks and Daggers pre-orders are available now.


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