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Vikings on History Channel: What to Expect in Season 3

The Viking invasion continues in France
The Viking invasion continues in France

In a recent interview with creator Michael Hirst, we are learning more about season three. The Vikings are going to invade France! This raid will include hundreds of boats filled with the bearded warriors.

Historically, we know that Ragnar is famous for invading Paris. Also in history, we know that Rollo is going to marry Poppa the daughter of Count Berenger and reside as Duke in Normandy. But these are historical facts and the creators of the show may not follow history.

Bjorn will also be sailing to the Mediterranean to invade Spain but only if Hirst allows it, “but on the other hand, you never know.”, says Hirst of the possible events.

Filming for Season Three begins in June, so we can only speculate as to what Hirst has in mind. The only fact we can know from this interview is that they going to France.

Vikings airs on The History Channel. For more details, visit the official site at


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