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Fox releases "Gotham" Extended Trailer


It’s been mentioned for over a year. Teased. Hinted. Talked about. Well, it’s finally going to be a reality. Today Fox released the official extended trailer for their new urban crime television series, Gotham. Set in the city famous for being the home of the Caped Crusader, judging from the trailer the series will focus on the life of young Detective Jim Gordon and what looks to be his partner, Harvey Bullock. Gordon will be played by Ben McKenzie, who coincidentally enough voiced Batman in the DC Animated film Batman: Year One. The rough and brutal Bullock will be played by Donal Logue, of Vikings fame.

Detective James Gordon, played by Benjamin McKenzie


Detective Harvey Bullock, played by Donal Logue

Other characters who will before assuming their famous mantles as villians are the Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Penguin. In addition, Alfred Pennyworth and a ten year old Bruce Wayne, played by David Mazouz will be part of the show. While exactly what roles will be played by these characters remains unclear, there appears to be a bond between Gordon and Wayne.

Bruce Wayne, played by David Mazouz

Set several decades before Bruce Wayne will rise to become the hero that Gotham City needs, Gotham looks to be a gritty crime noir piece that’s got sensibilities harkening to the Batman: The Animated Series and the Christopher Nolan films. This reporter is very, very excited for this an genuinely hopes that Fox doesn’t abandon yet another amazing franchise before it blooms into something glorious.

You can view the Official Extended Trailer or check out Fox’s Official Gotham website. Stay tuned to Legendarium Sci-fi and Fantasy News for all the latest updates!

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