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Vikings Season 2: My Thoughts So Far


Hail Vikings fans. You got to see this season. Or first catch up season 1 and then start to see season 2. My expectations were high after seen season 1. I needed to wait for almost 5 months. The others much longer. But it is totally worth it.

On Sunday the 6th of April Season 2 of Vikings started in the Netherlands. After a wait for way too long and what seamed forever I was able to see what fans in USA and Canada already could. I already knew things because I read everything from Vikings. I don’t want to spoil anything for the fans who haven’t seen it yet. You need to see this.

I was happy to see the familiar faces in Vikings the main characters stayed from season 1 episode 9. I am glad they continued the series with introducing new person’s they have done that before and continue doing this. Although I am not sure what I liked about the first episode. They were able to continue the conflict in every character from scratch.

I can argue with what happened to a few characters. Although I love the way Michael Hirst did write this. It is in my imagination I had chosen differently. I hated when story lines get separated and not shown what happened in the meanwhile.

But before spoiling things I would like to say this series is going to be great, awesome, joyful and tears will flow it is going to be excited. Can’t wait to see episode 2 next Sunday. By the way this season got 11 episodes. So two episodes times more the fun.

Enjoy the raids, intrigues, happiness and tears to come!

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