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The Quest: New Premiere Date & Facebook Page

The producers of The Quest reality show have announced a new premiere date of July 31st, 8/7c.  And the best way to stay on top of dates, and other info pertaining to this new adventure is to follow the official Quest facebook page at:

The Quest is about to begin... you won't want to miss the launch!
The Quest is about to begin… you won’t want to miss the launch!

Stay tuned to that page as we expect some exclusive content to be shown very soon!  Let your fantasy and adventurous friends know about this new show, and help to build it’s following so that more quality fantasy shows like this are created in the future!  Right now all that has been revealed is a logo and a text description; but the ravens are rumoured to have brought the Legendarium staff special insight and information pertaining to the show – and we know it is going to be a ground-breaking show of fantastic proportion.  Fantasy fans are going to be enchanted.

And also if you use twitter:

In case you haven’t heard about this upcoming new show – read this description below!

“Great fantasy is filled with adventure, challenges, discovery, fish out of water and good vs. evil — turns out, another modern genre shares these exact same traits. Announcing “The Quest,” a reality show that literally takes contestants and audiences to an amazing, imaginative realm, where the ogres are advancing in the woods, the dragons are stirring, agents of a dark lord are infiltrating the keep, and the only thing that stands between peace and chaos are 12 very unlikely heroes. From the producers of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, paired with the producers of “The Amazing Race,” “The Quest” is a fully immersive experience. In and around this castle, our fantasy realm comes to life with state-of-the art projections, animatronics, prosthetics, real-time motion capture and art direction. The narrative and mythology of “The Quest” is deep and fully imagined, and it was designed to incorporate seamlessly with the unexpected actions and decisions of our contestants – fantasy comes alive as it never has before in this genre-bending series.

“The Quest” is executive produced by Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri, Mark Ordesky, Jane Fleming, Rob Eric and Michael Williams.”

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